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                                                                    Welcome to Bury Mini Club's web site.

     Updates continue in 2023, more needed!

Work on the site continues and we are getting there with updates, just a few outdated pics left but good for nostalgia! The update on future events also continues but some have not revealed their 2023 dates yet. If you know of a confirmed date that is noted as provisional on this site, please let me know. There are more and more events, as we know, as more and more organisers jump on the classic car bandwagon and charge us to be their show. Some we are not going to this year, as leaving for the venues at 8.00am on a Sunday morning, paying for petrol to get there and back, being on a showground for 6 or 7 hours, seeing cars that we have seen at other shows, getting home in late evening and being charged for the pleasure of doing so is becoming beyond a joke in these hard times. We are trying to get a few runs together to places of interest, which may well charge a small entry fee, but there are different things to see apart from the cars we see every other week and we can leave a bit later as they don't open until 11.00am or so and we can leave when we want to. This must be the future.

There are a few updates as to where the Club will meet etc. which are noted below. Bury Mini Club will hold a Val Butcher Suffolk Run 2023 from Bury to Southwold and currently this is provisionally booked for Sunday 2nd July to avoid as many other events as possible. Watch this space!!

For those who are organising events and would like them noted on this site, please contact me (details on the Contacts page) as we need to get out and exercise our Minis!


We will be meeting at the Risby Crown and Castle on the last Thursday of each month except January, June (we meet in a car park for a fish and chip run), November (the ten pin bowling night) and December (we have the Christmas meal on a Sunday before Christmas).

This is a change from the original venue and we have made this move after meeting at the Manger for the last 19 years but felt it was time for a change. The car park is not huge, but large enough for our small cars! Everybody is welcome. The first meeting of 2023 was  great success, especially the food at £2! Thanks to Malcolm and Jean - long may it last. If you want a meal rather than a snack, Malcolm will sort this for you on the night or just ring up and book in advance.

The meetings usually start at about 8.00pm and are very informal. We have the chance to chat over a (soft) drink about our latest upgrades, engine problems, Mini runs, club stands at local events and any other Mini related matters.

We have a "Trading Post" section on this site where you can sell or buy bits and pieces or whole cars! Advertising is at no cost to you. Click on the trading post page to see what's there.

If you have an interest in the car and want to think about joining before committing, just turn up at the next meeting or event to parade your pride and joy, along with the rest of us.

If you are thinking about joining in 2023, see the details below.

The website needs updating but apologies from the editor for not keeping it more up to date. With the new 2023 season upon us, a concerted effort will be made to make the site current and updated regularly when all the 2023 events are known.

For the most up to date comments you can look at our facebook page "Bury Mini Club" and this will have pictures and other information on it.


As previously stated, we will repeat last year's BMC run from Bury St Edmunds to Southwold, to be known as the Val Butcher Suffolk Run, and this should take place on Sunday 2nd July 2023. We made £650 split between the Suffolk Accident Rescue Service and the East Anglian Air Ambulance last year, so thanks to all.

If you are interested in coming on this years run, please let the Club know via the contacts page or the facebook group. We are also hoping to have runs to some places of interest including the Transport Museum in Ipswich and we may have a go-kart Sunday at Red Lodge if there is enough interest.

We have some 2023 calendars spare if anybody wants them - free now, let me know if you want one. Just use the contacts page if you want one - they can be posted out at cost.

We will leave the pictures below for the time being and the first two pictures below show (most) of us preparing for the 2018 Easter run at Ram Meadow.  

The third picture shows a few of us at Cars by the Lake in 2018. This event is now no longer held.

2023 pics will be posted here later, but they are few and far between! Some are already on the facebook page.

As stated, the BMC run mentioned above and called the Val Butcher Suffolk Run, will donate any money made from the draw etc. to the Suffolk Accident Rescue Service and The East Anglian Air Ambulance - we hope we won't ever need them, but they do a great job and rely on donations. Any prize donations are gratefully accepted and we always thank our main sponsor, Newton Commercial, who donate a £150 voucher.

Bury Mini Club - A Small, Local, Welcoming Mini Club with regular meets. Events include the Suffok Run and meets on the last Thursday of every month. 


                         Recent updates
The latest updates to the site are noted below with the date of the update, what page and a summary of what the update is. Updates will be left on for a while.
         DATE               PAGE                                      UPDATE DETAILS 
     07/03/23      Future events         Updated where possible.
       07/03/23        Home                      Updated.

                                           JOINING BURY MINI CLUB IN 2023.

We will be putting events on the Future Events page and we will put together a programme of events we hope to be attending, as a Club, in 2023. If you are reading this and want your event publicised, please email me from the "contacts" page. If anyone wants to become a member of the club and be involved in the events, please fill out the 2023 membership form available HERE . The fees are the same as 2022 - £15 per year for single membership and £18 for family membership. This cost relates to £1 per month plus £3 or £6 to cover insurance for meetings and runs. See the Club Matters section for details of Club discounts and links to other Clubs. 

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